Shana's House offers women a sober, extended care sanctuary for living a healthy lifestyle with a commitment to achieving a balanced mind, body, and spirit.


“Our daughter’s recovery has been, so far, well beyond our expectations! My wife and I are very thankful for the role Shana's House and staff have played.”
-- A Proud Father

“…I had 80 days clean and sober on the day I arrived at Shana's house one year ago and today I have 445 days. You were on my gratitude list last night and today I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your helping me get to where I am today and for your helping me get my footing both in life and in AA.”
-- Previous Shana’s House Resident



Shana was a granddaughter, daughter, mother, niece, and cousin. This house was founded in her memory to provide women like her the resources she needed and never found. 


our program

Our program creates a safe and nurturing home where newly sober women learn the basic skills for living substance-free in a structured and caring community.


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Residential life

Shana's House is an oasis of tranquility for women who are trying to get back on track without the stresses of life bearing down on them.  

our community recovery program

Shana’s House provides an aftercare / community program to promote and support sobriety in women.