NEW: Shana's house women's community recovery program

An effective treatment center can leave an individual feeling as though they have completely transformed all aspects of their lives. While the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical changes can be significant, they will not be sustainable if the individual returns to their maladaptive behaviors and distorted thought patterns. Aftercare and community programs can assist individuals in maintaining their healthy coping skills, while developing additional coping skills to lead to continued recovery. 

Shana’s House provides an aftercare / community program to promote and support sobriety in women. Our Community Recovery Program is applicable to women transitioning from a 28-day inpatient treatment program, where sober living is not recommended or available, or to at-risk women or students in our community. Our program also serves as a solution for women on the Shana’s House waiting-list for sober living.

Shana’s House aims to assist individuals in maintaining and engaging in their recovery as they navigate the newly sober lifestyle. Our goals are to help women make healthy choices about their relationships and lifestyles, while also reinforcing the skills learned for coping with distressing emotions and stressful situations. Through our program, individuals will learn to identify their own triggers to prevent relapse, receive psycho-education on a wide variety of topics, learn relapse prevention skills, and gain access to supportive individuals and groups in the sober community. 

Services provided include: 

·     Case Management
·     Drug Testing
·     Career Counseling
·     Sober Mentorship and Companionship
·     Monthly In-House Dinners and Speaker Meetings
·     Supportive 12-Step Meeting Schedule with Shana’s House Residents
·     Group Sessions
·     Family Psychoeducational Groups
·     Family Support Programming
·     Inclusion in Shana's House Residential Activities

More Detail of Our Services

Case Management. Shana's House case managers act as counselors, recovery supports, advocates, and mentors for each individual. They can provide guidance through the recovery process by teaching psycho-education, help individuals to create sober support systems, identify triggers, and create recovery plans for long-term sustainability. 

Drug Testing. Shana's House offers weekly 12-pannel drug testing as well as breath alcohol testing that take place twice a week. 

Career Counseling. Career counseling is available to each client to assess their interests, determine their abilities, and incorporate methods needed to meet their career goals. The career counselors are responsible for assisting clients in locating employment opportunities, creating resumes and cover letters, and practicing interviewing skills.

Sober Mentorship. Sober Mentoring services are offered to individuals in our Community Recovery Program to assist in navigating day-to-day responsibilities. Sober mentors provide a level of accountability and connection to individuals at a more personal level. They provide guidance through personal barriers, while teaching skills to maintain full abstinence. 

Sober Companionship. Sober Companionship is available when additional one-on-one support is necessary. They are able to accompany individuals to certain functions for an allotted period of time. Such functions can include family events, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, christenings, holiday parties, among other events. 

Monthly In-House Dinners & Speaker Meetings. On one Sunday a month, Shana's House hosts an in-house dinner and speaker meeting for all current residents, alumni and Individuals participating in our Community Recovery Program. Speakers are scheduled to speak about their experience, strength, and hope living with both addictions and mental illnesses. Clients will have the opportunity to engage in sober fellowship with the speakers, residents, alumni and staff at Shana's House.

Supportive 12-Step Meeting Schedule with Shana's House Residents. Community Recovery Program clients will have the opportunity to attend local 12-Step meetings with Shana's House staff members and residents on a daily basis. 

Group Sessions. Clients have the opportunity to engage in group recovery sessions facilitated by a staff member or outside professional. Group topics involve relapse prevention, stress management, coping skills development, sober network development, additional resources, among others. Skills topics involve life skills, time management skills, interview skills, cooking skills, nutritional skills, and basic finance skills.

Family Psychoeducational Groups. Family Psychoeducational Groups are facilitated by our off-site primary therapist, Margo Friedman. Family groups provide education about mental health disorders and addiction, provide information on resources, and educate family members on skills training and problem solving. Family Psychoeducational Groups are beneficial to family members in learning how to socially and emotionally support their loved one through each step of their recovery. 

Family Support Programming. The loved ones of Shana’s House Community Recovery Program clients have the opportunity to attend the Family Support Program facilitated by Clearpoint Recovery Center. This program is designed for friends and family members to understand the recovery process and experiencing, while learning how they can best be of support to the person they care about. 

Inclusion in Shana's House Residential Activities. For an additional fee, Community Recovery Program clients will have the opportunity to participate in residential activities with Shana's House residents. Such activities range from recreational activities (e.g., yoga, meditation, cooking sessions, and painting/pottery workshops, museum visits and much more).