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We aspire to educate and enlighten the greater community of women by encouraging physical, emotional, and social healing. In doing so, we hope to foster a more balanced mind, body, and spirit to have a positive effect on both individuals and families. 

Shana's House provides a free monthly newsletter to offer the greater community information about important events, relevant research, and additional resources that are available. 

Be sure to check out our compiled list of up-to-date articles that outline the most recent research in the mental health and addiction community.  

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+ Addiction Recovery Center Resource List

Alcoholics Anonymous

Life Ring


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous

Drug Addicts Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Heroin Anonymous

National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service

Online 12-Step Meetings

Yoga for Recovery

Guide for Navigating the College Scene in Recovery

Prevention Focused on College Drinking

College Drinking Prevention for Freshmen

BOOK: Voices of Recovery from the Campus: Stories of and by College Students in Recovery from Addiction

BOOK: Young Sober and Free: Experience, Strength, and Hope for Young Adults

BOOK: The 12 Steps Unplugged: A Young Person's Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous

MUSIC: Addiction Recovery Songs Playlist #1

MUSIC: Addiction Recovery Songs Playlist #2

+ Articles

Hearing Loss Before 50 May Mean Higher Risk of Drug and Alcohol Issues

New Intervention Doubles Quit Rate Among Smokers With Severe Mental Illness

Effectiveness of Different Forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Helping People Give Up Smoking

Severe Psychological Distress and Daily Cannabis Use: Implications for Mental Health?

Psychostimulants Play a Major Role in Fatal Strokes Among Young Adults

Brain Growth Inhibited by Heavy Alcohol Use

Early Risers have Lower Risk of Depression

Opioid Epidemic is Increasing Rates of Some Infectious Diseases

Night Owls May Have Higher Depression Risk

Serotonin Enhances Learning, Not Just Mood

Actually, I'm Not Fine

Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack

Sour Mood Getting You Down? Get Back to Nature

Don't Try Too Hard to be Happy, Study Warns

Five Ways to Deal With Bad News

To Counter Lonliness, Find Ways to Connect

Study Links Budy Schedules to Better Cognitive Function

Why People Worry Much More Than They Need

Got the Springtime Blues? You're Not the Only One!

What is Forgiveness, Really?

Eating Disorders: It's Not All About Food

Resilience 101: How to Be A More Resilient Person

What Story Should You Tell?

Assessing Trauma Through Art: The Signs of Inner Struggle

A Workout for Your Brain

Two Ob-Gyns, On Women and Depression

What Happens in the Brain During a Spiritual Experience?

Train Your Brain

How to Regain Pleasure in Just About Anything

Trade Bad Habits for Good Ones

What is Sadness, and What is Depression?

Mindfulness Can Improve Heart Health

How do Your Conversations Affect Your Well-Being?

Is Avoiding my Body Issues an Issue?

Staying Connected Can Improve Your Health

Seven Symptoms of Too Much Social Media Use

Mental Health's Double Standard

Substance Abuse: Increasing Empathy, Reducing Stigma Matters

Stress and the Body

You Don't have to Feel Beautful to Care for Your Body

Addiction: A Whole New View

What Story Should You Tell?

FDA Cracks Down on Imodium Abuse

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