Our Program

Our Program

+ Program Overview, Phases 1 & 2, and Continuing Care

Program Overview
Shana’s House helps women aged 18 and older who are coming out of residential recovery programs, to develop an understanding of addiction and to acquire the skills necessary to avoid relapse. Our small residential community and two-phased step-down approach allows them to develop socially, professionally, and academically. Our residents learn to embrace the new habits they will need in order to master sober living and to thrive in the future.


Phase 1
In Phase 1 of our program, women in early recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders make incremental steps toward greater self-responsibility and autonomy and they develop the life skills necessary to avoid relapse. Over the course of Phase I, each woman progresses through Orientation, Junior Resident, and Senior Resident status based upon her own unique progress toward clearly defined goals.

Phase 2
Phase 2 of our program helps residents step down to independence and self-sufficiency, for a seamless transition to everyday life. Our Phase 2 Independent Living program emphasizes self-reliance while keeping intact the support needed during the critical first year of recovery. This phase still includes weekly meetings with a therapist, regular drug testing, in-house groups, on-site case management, and continued family work.

Continuing Care
Continuing Care Services are available to any resident who transitions into the local community from either Phase 1 Sober Living or Phase 2 Independent Living. We are committed to helping our alumnae live a healthy, addiction-free life by providing the resources, support, and coaching they will need to build upon what they have learned during their stay with us.

Research has shown that structure and accountability during the first one to two years of recovery provide the best environment for long-term sobriety to flourish. We can provide an assessment of needs, weekly individual sessions with a case manager, drug testing and access to all of the Shana’s House recreation activities.


+ Addiction Treatments and Services

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Residents can, and are encouraged to, attend Intensive Outpatient Programs while living at Shana’s House. A number of high-quality IOP’s are available in the surrounding area. We provide transportation to and from those services.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is mandatory for all residents. Residents are welcome to continue seeing their licensed professional if a prior relationship has been established. If the resident does not have a chosen therapist, an appropriate specialist will be recommended. Our case managers work closely with the therapists in order to ensure the best possible care for each resident.


Psychiatric Services
All residents will have psychiatric services available to them. Residents must see their psychiatrist a minimum of once a month. Psychotropic medication will be managed by the psychiatrist and will be monitored by Shana’s House staff. All medications are kept in a safe locked in the staff office.

12-Step Fellowship
The Westport, CT area offers hundreds of 12-step meetings per week and has one of the strongest concentrations of 12-step recovery programs in the northeast. Residents are transported to meetings daily and are encouraged to take on a meeting commitment. Residents will be expected to find a sponsor within two weeks of admission to Shana’s House and they will identify a “home group” meeting shortly thereafter.


Drug Testing
At Shana’s House we believe that random drug and alcohol testing is crucial in relapse prevention and in maintaining a safe and sober environment for all of our residents. Random drug and alcohol testing is done 2-3 times per week using urinalysis and Breathalyzer methods. We have a zero tolerance policy.

+ Health and Wellness

Executive Functioning Skills
The executive functioning skills of our residents are assessed regularly during their stay at Shana’s House so that healthy habits are formed and maintained. We teach our residents the fundamentals of self-care, how to live in a community, time management and follow through, budgeting, mindfulness and moderation, and how to enjoy life!


Nutrition and wellness
Because we believe that quality nutrition is vital to a successful recovery, Shana’s House has a trained Gourmet Chef on staff to provide our residents with healthy and delicious meals. In addition to keeping our kitchen stocked with nutritious food, our chef shops every day for the freshest organic ingredients from local markets and prepares a family-style dinner that is served each day. She is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, author and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
We provide individual support to address the needs of each of our residents in the areas of goal setting, meal planning, grocery shopping and healthy cooking.


Activities and Recreation
At Shana’s House we know that the positive effects of daily activity and recreation are an essential part of any successful recovery program. To that end we offer our residents the opportunity to participate in yoga classes, meditation sessions, gym memberships, swimming programs, cooking lessons, painting and pottery workshops and we will work to accommodate any other interests that they may have.