When a loved one faces significant challenges in life, parents often find themselves feeling not only confuse, but alone. Parents may not be aware of the available resources, and it may seem too painful to disclose the details of what parents are going through with friends who may not have faced similar challenges. 

Even after identifying the particular problem, whether it be addiction or mental illness, parents may have many questions and the need for connection and support. This is where groups, such as Parent Support Groups, are essential. By connecting and meeting other parents who are facing, or have faced, the same challenges, many parents are empowered to navigate a path they had never envisioned. 

Shana’s House Parent Support Group is a comprehensive family strengthening program that incorporates support, parent leadership, personal growth, and resources. Our groups provide a supportive environment where parents and caregivers can support each other in learning new parenting strategies, addressing underlying emotional issues, developing more effective communication skills, sharing experiences, and creating long-lasting positive changes in their family dynamics. Our program is led by a trained facilitator, who provides support to family members and parents who have a loved one with mental illness and/or addiction(s).

Shana’s House Parent Support Group welcomes any parent or individual in a parenting/caregiving role who wishes to seek support and positive parenting strategies. Parents are informed about how the group works and are invited to share emotional support, problem solve with other parents, share experiences, determine their own goals, and receive a surplus of resources and feedback from other parents and professionals within the group. 


  • Opportunities to create connections with other parents who have had similar experiences. It is comforting for parents to know that there are other parents who are going through similar journeys with their loved ones, as well. 
  • Opportunities to share successes and strategies with each other. Groups create a space for parents to share their successes and challenges with each other to receive support, validation, and feedback
  • The ability to understand the challenges parents face and the opportunities ahead. Parent support groups allow for the development of close connections for parents to create with one another in order to establish friendships. 
  • Opportunities to develop and learn new coping skills. Groups can offer a wealth of information on parenting books, articles, other professionals, and various resources. 

You are not alone. Receive information on addiction and mental health, connect with other parents, and develop coping skills to support sustainable healing within your family.