Our Founder: Robert Curry

Robert Curry has been in recovery for the last 35 years.  He understands the arduous journey toward sobriety because he has been there. He has personally experienced the joys, frustrations, hurdles, and hard work that achievement of sober living requires.Now, he wants to help others succeed in their recovery.

Robert performed a tour of duty through the Marine Corp in Vietnam (1965), allowing him personal familiarity to the atrocities of human condition.  Returning from the war, he went to law school for a year before changing directions and receiving his master's of Business Administration from Columbia University. 

He worked with several big-name financial organizations including JP Morgan Chase, Price WaterhouseCoopers, and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. However, Robert believed the work appeared to lack something. As a result, he left the financial world and started his own business, Turning Point for Leaders, as an executive coach and recovery specialist. Robert has been performing corporate interventions for the last decade.

Witnessing first-hand the horrors of addiction in his niece, Robert took his passion for recovery and committed himself to helping women who were battling their alcoholism/drug dependency.  He opened a private halfway house for women, the only sober living home for women in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  His goal is to help women succeed in their recovery and achieve a normal, drug/alcohol-free life.  

In addition to Shana’s House, Robert manages a trust, which he created to help support and care for his grand-nephew, Shana’s son.  He is dedicated to giving him the love and support his mother was not able to, as well as honor her memory within him.  

"May all women find the resources needed for recovery that Shana never found."
-- Robert Curry, Founder of Shana's House