A Letter from the Founder – Why I chose the name Shana’s House

        “Shana’s House” is significant to me because it is a constant reminder of the people in our lives who need our help.  Shana was my sister’s daughter and the mother of my grand-nephew.  

        Sadly, Shana grew up in an environment of chaos, uncertainty, and fear.  This led her down a dark path as she grew into adulthood.  She fell in love with a man who was a convicted drug dealer and ran a prostitution ring.  They had a child, but this wasn’t enough to spare my niece from the world of drugs – a world from which she was never able to fully recover.  

        The drugs caused her to do things that were so horrific they seem almost unreal when I recall those moments.  I remind myself every day that these actions weren’t my niece, but the disease she lived with.  I don’t want to go into the gory details because that is not what’s important.  What is important is getting the loved ones in our lives -- who are suffering so much from the disease of their addictions -- the help they need.  To prevent any more life stories like my niece’s, I opened Shana’s House:  A Place for Women to Achieve Sober Living.

        As a result of her behavior, Shana was placed in the care of a mental institution.  Shana spent the next several years in and out of rehabilitation centers, half way houses, and institutions.  By the time her son was 3, she had lost all legal rights to him (his father had lost those rights long before).  

        Unable to face the despair of losing her son, Shana took her own life at the tender age of 29.  It pains my heart to think of how much of her life (and her son’s life) she missed out on.  Not only did she leave this earth so young, but the majority of the life she lived was enslaved to drugs.  

        Today Shana’s son is being brought up in a warm and loving household.  He is well taken care of financially and emotionally -- but there are still the strains of the life he lived with a mother (and father) who were addicts.  

        Shana’s House is a womens house dedicated to women struggling with their demons of addiction.  We want to help these women and their families lead better and more fulfilling lives.  This home is founded in Shana’s memory so we never forget the painful road women struggling with addiction and alcoholism are on – or the unfortunate ends that they can meet if they don’t get the help and resources they need.  

        I’d like to think if Shana was able to have a place like this to go to, she would not only still be with us today, but would have recovered to live her life as the mom and woman she was meant to be.  

    Warm Regards,

    Robert Curry, Founder
    Shana’s House of Sober Living for Women